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Quality dates
of Algeria

Palm groves blessed by nature,
another level of taste.

About Us

The Most Luscious Dates

Here at Gazelle, we are committed to supplying the best version of dates

We believe our real purpose in life can be obtained through serving others. We obtained ours in serving you through dates.

Whether online or in our coffee shop, we believe in building a community. A community which includes our clients and us. A community where each one of you can work, live, and rest. A community where your comfort and trust is our priority. 

Through our great quality dates shared in the community, we hope to have a positive impact on the world. Therefore, our main focus is on the production of appetizing dates through environment-friendly methods and reliable sources.


Want to
try our delicious products?

Visit our Coffee Shop in Central London where we serve our mouth-watering, rich and exclusive dates.



42 Chalton St, Somers Town,
London, NW1 1JB

Monday to Friday

From 8am to 5pm
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